Journal your Forex FX currency trades using The4xJournal software. Some features include:

  • Note entry for each currency pair you trade.
  • The ability to insert and store your chart screenshots with notes about that specific trade.
  • Insert observed or back tested trade screenshots and notes.
  • The ability to insert and store your recorded trade movies.
  • Keep track of pips gained or lost, time and date, time in trade, and trading strategy used.
  • View on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Import trades from Dealer/Broker reports. (Requires Microsoft Excel or spreadsheet software. Download template on the support page)
  • The ability to save/send your chart pages as PDFs to a mentor/teacher or trading partner. (PDF creation software may be required. With Windows 10, just Print your trade(s) and select Microsoft Print to PDF option.)
  • Store strategies or help notes to refer to later.
  • Inexpensive purchase price, and no monthly fees.
  • Your journal entries are stored locally on your computer, not on a website where hackers can view them.

“If you’re not planning, journaling and evaluating your trades, you’re probably just gambling.”

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